Vincents bed

Kamer boeken

For a culinary and relaxing stay

After you stepped a day into the life of Van Gogh, you can totally relax in Vincents bed!


The immensity of the night sky inspired Vincent Van Gogh, it gave him comfort. The night was for him the time to look back on the events of the day. The beautifully designed rooms reflect the authentic atmosphere of the time Van Gogh was staying in Etten-Leur. At Vincents Bed you can enjoy comfort, great food and traditional charm.

the love for colour

One of Van Gogh’s favorite paintings is ‘De Slaapkamer’ in which the bright colours should express ‘absolute peace’ and ‘sleep’. In 1888 Van Gogh made this painting  of his bedroom in the yellow house. These colours can be found in the interior of Vincents Bed.

De Slaapkamer – Arles, October 1888 Vincent van Gogh (1853 – 1890) Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam 

3 room types

Most rooms have a view on the van Gogh church. At Vincents Bed, you can choose from three different types of comfortable rooms.
The rooms are fully equipped so you can enjoy all the comfort, peace that you are used to at home.
Our different room types are:

Single Room   Double Room   Suite 


You sleep in front of the Moeierboom, the ancient Linden Vincent van Gogh passed daily. At the tree is a Van Gogh audio audio column where you can sit on a bench enjoying stories about about Van Gogh.

There are regularly events organized about Van Gogh in Etten-Leur. Etten-Leur also provides many opportunities to enjoy shopping or cycling.